We are your strategic partners in Europe, United States, and Asia. We locate and supply automation parts and equipment, such as PLCS’S, Encoders, Drives, HMI’S, Numerical controllers, Temperature Controllers, Industrial cables, and Servo Motors.

At INDUTECMA we have 7 years of experience, offering to our client’s high-quality products and equipment

Our Products


A rotary encoder or encoder is a device that is used as a type of sensors that generates digital signals in response to motion. At INDUTECMA we offer all types of encoders: incremental, absolute, quadrature, single-turn and multi-turn.

PLC & Softwares

We have the best equipment and spare parts; rare or special, in PLC. We offer effective, fast solutions at the best price for your company.

Servo Motores

We also provide servo-motor equipment and spare parts with different torque characteristics and rotation angles. This is excellent for all your robotic and mechatronic projects.


We offer our customers a wide range of CNC equipment and accessories. This allows them to improve the productivity of their machinery and their business.

HMI´S & Displays

We have the widest range of workstations, embedded panel computers, rugged monitors, and PLCS terminals. We even have NEMA 4x waterproof computers and explosion-proof equipment. With various power supply ports, touchscreens and capabilities, our products are the answer to those critical computer needs.


INDUTECMA has a wide range of frequency converters from the best brands on the market. This allows us to cover any need of this kind you may have.